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‘When one door closes, another opens’. This inspirational saying is excellent when you are facing adversity, but if this is actually occurring in your Vancouver home, then you should probably call a professional.

Thank you for visiting Authentic Installations. As you can tell, we are professional door and window installers … not comedians. We just like to show that we are a little different from other companies. Why? We want our clients to understand that, yes, we are highly trained specialists, but we are also here to make sure our clients get exactly what they want.

People can be intimidated by a faceless company, but when you understand that the company is made up of individuals not so different from yourself, it become much easier to work together towards a common goal. At least, that’s what we believe.

Signs You Need a Door Replacement

Damage: if a door does not open or close properly then it is time to think of an upgrade. This is especially true of front doors or other exterior doors as any damage can compromise the security of the premises.

Utility bill increase: just like windows, doors are an integral part of keeping the interior of your Vancouver home or business climate controlled. Make sure to inspect where the door and frame meet to see if there are gaps or air leaks.

Noise: if you are looking for some peace and quiet, then a new door may be the answer. Classic doors, both interior and exterior, were not originally designed with noise pollution in mind. Today’s modern door manufactures take into account the importance of a quiet environment and will incorporate that concern into both the door material and frame construction.

Choosing the Right Front Door

The front door of your home is not only an important security measure – it is also a key component of your curb appeal. It can bring all the elements of a home together, or it can stand out and make a statement. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘Oh you can’t miss it. It’s the one with the (blank) door’. ?

That’s why we encourage people from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to contact us for help in choosing the right front door for their needs, tastes and budget. We provide consultations to help them narrow down their options because, quite frankly, there are a lot of factors to take into account:

  • Door material
  • Door style
  • Glass or without glass
  • Type of glass
  • Hinges
  • Door knob
  • Lock
  • Frame
  • Trim
  • Strike plates
  • Transom
  • Sidelights

As this is not even a complete list of options for front doors, let alone interior, side or back doors, it is no surprise that people ask for help in the decision making process. If you need us, give us a call.

Westeck Doors

If you are in the market for a new door, we recommend taking a look at Westeck. They make excellent products and we proudly stand behind them.

  • Classic Wood
  • Elite Wood
  • Premium Fibreglass
  • Deco Door
  • Fibreglass


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Dan DeVries – Authentic Installations

Dan DeVries – Authentic Installations

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