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Welcome To Authentic Installations

We have been proudly serving the homes and businesses of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since we opened in the spring of 2013. Though, in truth, the story of Authentic Installations Inc. goes back even further.

It started with a purpose.

A Boom in Real Estate – a Bust in Quality

Vancouver is known for its impressive real estate market, which has been steadily growing for roughly two decades. Unfortunately, with rapid growth came new companies focused on ‘cashing-in’ rather than a long term goal of providing excellent window installation and door replacement services while building long lasting relationships.

So the idea for Authentic Installations was born. Then the real problem appeared: How to communicate to potential clients our values of hard work and trustworthiness?

The answer came in three ways.

A Small Dedicated Crew of Professional Window and Door Installers

A company is only as good as its weakest member, so make sure that every employee shares the goal of providing the best job possible.

We are a tight-knit crew of seasoned professionals dedicated to completing your projects on time and within budget. The owner, Dan, is involved at every step to ensure a job well done, as well as providing clients direct access to him if there are any questions.

Start from the Bottom

There are no shortages of websites that talk about how their company is ‘the best’. The people of Vancouver are no strangers to sales pitches and they know that words are just words – trust must be earned.

That is why we started off doing the jobs that other companies in the field didn’t want to take on. If you start where the need is greatest, then you can slowly build a solid foundation for your reputation as a window and door company that works with the client. Instead of a company that just works to finish a job and move on to the next.

Keep it Honest

Like building trust, ensuring clients appreciate the pride you take from an honest day’s work involves a great deal of time and dedication. As an authorized dealer and preferred installer of Westeck Windows and Doors, we have proven ourselves to be worthy of their trust and that of their clients.

Westeck is one of the finest manufacturers of windows and doors and we are very proud to be associated with them. However, our clients are our top priority. If a Vancouver resident or business owner wants us to install casement windows or a new front door from another manufacturer, then that is what we will do. Our greatest concern is that the client is happy with the final result.

Whenever a client has questions or concerns about a project, we will gladly provide our expertise to help in the decision making process; feeling pressured to purchase or use a specific brand or product is counter to the company we want to be.

Be Authentic

These principles are what drive us. Our primary goal is always to see our clients walk away knowing we have earned our name and reputation.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us. We look forward to helping the people of Vancouver and the surrounding areas love the space they’re in.

Core Values

Dan DeVries – Authentic Installations

Dan DeVries – Authentic Installations

Window and Door Installation:
Areas of Service

We have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from multi-family homes in Whistler as well as thousands of single family homes in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope and the Sunshine Valley.

Whether it’s a 1 story rancher near Cultus or Kawakawa Lake or a 4 story condominium in Whistler, we have the connections and expertise to do the job personally and professionally.